Math tutor with a plunging neckline

16 Feb 2023

Math tutor with a plunging neckline

In high school I was not very good at math and my parents decided that I had to be tutored and I ended up with a lady who was 10 years older than me. After staying put I was due for tutoring on my 18th birthday.

The first two times it was a normal lesson, but she asked about a possible girlfriend. The third lesson she had quite a plunging neckline. Her breasts hung loose and she bent over exaggeratedly during an explanation. My eyes wandered there and she asked if I liked what I saw. I got a blush on my cheeks and she asked if I would rather see it without packaging.

I didn't dare say yes but she started showing off her tits anyway and asked me to take off my shirt, which I obediently did, while we continued talking about girls and sex.
Indeed it gave me an erection and a moment later her hand accidentally landed on my crotch and she said that I was a little horny with my erect penis.
She massaged my crotch conspicuously which I didn't expect.

With her experience, she soon had me completely naked with a red head sticking out over my skin and ordering me to play with her tits and nipples while she played with my balls.
This was enough to make me squirt and globs of cum flew everywhere.

During the fourth lesson she told me that there were private schools in China where the students were taught naked and that this resulted in better results and she wanted to do the same with me and ordered me to undress.
When I was ready she came up behind me, started caressing my chest and kissing my neck. Her hands descended to my stomach and pubic area until she had a firm grip on my cock again.

My thoughts were that she would make me cum again but unfortunately she stopped her activities on my body. She started undressing behind me too. She came naked in front of me and I had to play with her nipples and lick her pussy, which was hidden in a clump of pubic hair. Her clit and also the inside of her pussy. Until she started to shake and shake all over, making all kinds of noises and contractions.
I thought she wasn't getting well and was shocked but soon she got better and she even thanked me.

She asked if I knew what had happened and explained to me that she also came just like me when sperm comes out of my cock and that it is also wonderful for women.
As a consolation she took my cock in her mouth and started to move it up and down. After some time I got that nice feeling in my cock again and knew I would come too and squirted it into her mouth a little later. She swallowed my cum as much as she could.
After a short break and some drinks she came back to me, hugged me, brought her lips to mine and we started kissing. Her tongue entered my mouth and mine with her. God, how could that person kiss, say. Even this gave me a stiff cock, but also her wet cunt because right after that she wanted to fuck. But she had to help me with that because it was my first time.
No, that didn't go smoothly, but with her instructions we both came and I injected my seed into her.
I eventually passed maths, but she also seems to have slept with the examiner.