Watched by my neighbor during masturbation

16 Feb 2023

Watched by my neighbor during masturbation

Pampering myself daily with my 16 cm bat, nicely shaved which feels great with my sponge as an aid in stiffening my penis..

I was sitting on the couch, Saturday afternoon, wearing only a shirt and stroking my cock. Sometimes I walk through the house like this, no one can see me, I thought! I enjoy caressing myself, don't want to come, a little excited and maybe Elske, a good friend, will arrive later in the afternoon. But while I was 'playing' with myself, my neighbor was spying on me. She accidentally looked, I learned only later, out of the top window and was just able to see inside! Totally unaware of that, not smart of me not to have thought about it.

The bell rang which startled me; wear some shorts. I walked to the front door and it was Aliza, my gorgeous neighbor.

“Hi MURAD, can you come to my house and have a look at the tap in the kitchen, is there something wrong with it”. “Sure you can, I told you if I can help you with anything, just ask. I'll be right there." Really nice neighbor and very kind. She's been alone for a while, a nasty divorce behind her! I could come through the back door, had been to her once before, but I didn't know her very well then. I opened and closed the gate and walked to the back door. I knocked politely.

“Hi Aliza, it's me”. I had to go through another door and I already heard buuf. "Come on, I'm in the kitchen, nice that you can help". I open the door and see buuf standing in her bikini, damn she just put it on. And what a figure, beautiful, firm breasts and some delicious buttocks. "I'm sure you're going to enjoy the lovely weather outside later, you're already wearing the right outfit, you look great, can I say that?" “Yes, the intention is, look, the tap is leaking at the bottom of the cupboard, maybe it's just a small thing, I don't know what to do. There are tools here, I'm outside, if I can do something, you call me."

“I've got a Bacardi cola for you in a bit, you've earned it, sweet of you to take a look“.

It turned out to be a simple thing, a rubber had to be replaced and it was fixed, no more leakage.

I cleaned up the tools and walked out. Now I was very upset, Aliza was sitting in the easy chair and was no longer wearing a top, I immediately looked at her breasts. “Ohhh, shit, I was done quickly, I didn't know you would be there”.

“Ohhh, it doesn't matter, I often sit outside like this, don't be ashamed of it, I think I should be able to, if it bothers you, I'll put the top back on”. "Ohhh, oh no, you're in your own garden, do what you feel like". “Well I know what I like, and I know what you like too”. She was challenging me. “Will you grab a Bacardi Coke, you must be in the mood for that, am I right”? Hahaha, that's what she meant, I thought. "Well, I like that one, go ahead". Buuf got up and walked in, and I already noticed a reasonable hard on me; what i just saw, pretty nice i must say.

“Please, had already put a few cold, always handy, beer must be nice and cool, especially in this warm weather”. Aliza now sat in the chair next to me, she had poured herself a glass of wine. "Cheers kid, great that you could help, I really appreciate it, and can I do you a favor"? Can help you too, I'm not very handy with chores, but I am 'handy' in other things”.

"It's great that we get along well, sometimes you have to wait and see if you get along with your neighbours."

“Well, I really like you and you were there when I had a shitty period, I haven't forgotten that, not everyone is ready for someone else”.

Aliza really had to realize that I had a boner in my sports shorts, couldn't move, well then it is. "I just want to 'thank you'." Buuf stood up and fell to his knees in front of me. She looked at me, a special look in her eyes, it was naughty. Her hands grabbed my shorts. “Slightly raise your buttocks, it is easier to get out”. I did as she asked and she gently pulled off my gym shorts, and my boner shot up. “Ohhhh, hmmm, nice”. I found it surprising, but really wanted it.

“Better to see so close than from the top of the window. Yes, I saw you sitting on the couch and pampering yourself. You didn't know that, it was nice to see you like this then, but this is better”. She saw my look and blushed. "It's all right, don't you think I don't spoil myself once in a while, and then I close my eyes and think of you as you sat on the couch".

"Nice, caress a bit, I think you can appreciate it, horny animal". She was right, I was already horny and now all the way with my neighbor. “I'll give you a nice lick and blow, missed too long, after that K divorce, no real cock touched. I'm hot now and drive you crazy with my mouth, close your eyes, I'm going to spoil you”.

Aliza sucked and licked me nicely, she knew how to do it. “And am I doing it right?” I just nodded, she knew very well that she was letting me enjoy myself. Buuf stood up. "Take off my pants." My hands quickly reached her panties and I pulled them down. "So, and now that big boner in me". Aliza crawled on top of me, she grabbed my pole and lowered herself. “Ohhh, Murad, how I feel your cock, this is really nice, you should have come a lot sooner, Ohhh boy fuck me”. I grabbed her buttocks and thrust deeply and firmly inside.

We enjoyed this horny lovemaking together. “Ohhh Aliza, how nice, and you have a very tight pussy, lovely”.

"Slightly different position, I want on my knees and your cock in the back, and I can take something, so hard in with me." She got on her knees on the couch and looked back. "Yes, in it, and drive me crazy". Very slowly at first, teasing a little and then I thrust into it hard, buuf enjoyed it, I could hear that. She went to caress her clit herself. "Murad, go on, I'm coming, yes, ohhhh pff I'm coming, yes."

ALIZA came shockingly and I kept thrusting my cock into her. I didn't have it anymore and indicated that I would come too. “I want to see if you are going to spray”. I took my cock out of her soaking wet pussy, she turned around and immediately grabbed my cock and jerked me off. "Yes, come on, I want to see." Well, I came, and not just a little bit. Thick jets I sprayed on her stomach and over her hands. “Ohhh lad, this is nice to see, and what a 'load', wonderful, I want to see this more often".

I had to recover, was a wonderful orgasm.